Foreign Travel

Meals and Lodging

  • Per Diem for meals may be claimed for foreign travel without receipts.
  • Reimbursement is based on State Department rates, which vary by location and are obtained by calling your Contract & Grant Administrator. Rates can also be obtained directly at the following address:
  • Lodging costs must be substantiated with original receipts.


Fly America Act: International flights on federally-funded grants must be booked in compliance with the Fly America Act. If you have a federally funded grant and are traveling internationally, you must use a U.S. Flag Air Carrier or flight booked on a U.S. Code Share agreement to be eligible for reimbursement of airfare. This applies to PI’s, students, consultants and collaborators on the grant. Common travel websites such as Travelocity, Expedia, Kayak etc. search for the cheapest fares, not necessarily U.S. Flag Carrier flights. Even if a flight is cheaper or more personally convenient you must comply with the Fly America Act.

There are some specific exceptions to the Fly America Act. Exceptions can be found here:

Fly America Act FAQs

Q: The travel involves multiple stops in different foreign locations. Parts of the flight use U.S. Flag Carriers and others use Non-U.S. Flag Carriers. Are the portions using U.S. Flag Carriers eligible for reimbursement?

A: If the flight was booked using a code share then most likely yes.

Q: A PI traveled to Munich for a conference. From there the PI traveled to Paris to attend an additional meeting. The flight between Munich and Paris was booked through British Airways. Is this reimbursable?

A: No. U.S. carriers need to be used if possible, even if the flights are between two foreign locations.

Please contact your Contract & Grant Administrator to discuss your travel scenario if you feel that you qualify for an exception to policy before booking your flight.