Purchasing Goods

If you need to purchase any items related to your research, please contact your ISBER Contract & Grant Administrator:

  • For information on how to proceed;
  • To confirm that planned purchases are in-line with your budget, and comply with University of California policies and procedures (especially if the total expense, including tax & shipping, may exeed $2,500.00);
  • To send the link/order information and fund source to coordinate the purchase.

Please make sure to indicate where goods should be shipped and if rush shipping should be used. If not explicitly stated otherwise, all packages will be shipped to ISBER for pick-up.

Please remember that if you purchase items on your own, without contacting your Contracts & Grants Administrator, you risk incurring non-reimburseable expenses (see below).


The campus has a robust purchasing tool (Gateway), and we do not recommend making purchases yourself. If you do decide to purchase items on your own and request reimbursement, it is still advised that you check with your Contracts & Grants Administrator ahead of time to confirm that the purchases are in-line with your budget, or risk incurring non-reimbursable expenses. Be advised that campus Procurement has informed us that they perform selective secondary reimbursement reviews and they reserves the right to reject entirely, or only partially reimburse if the amount paid was equivalent to, or greater than what would have been paid if the purchase had been made through approved channels.

If you are a UCSB employee or contingent worker (have an active position in UCPath), to claim reimbursement for allowable items, you will need to log in to Concur and upload your receipts. If you are not a UCSB employee or contingent worker, please work with your Contract & Grant Administrator and complete ISBER’s Reimbursement Request Form.  Please make sure to indicate which fund source should be charged, and please make sure to obtain PI approval.


ISBER Reimbursement Request Form