As of February 1, 2022, UCSB has moved to Concur as the new campus standard for processing expense reimbursements for all UCSB employees and contigent workers (are active in a position in UCPath). You will be required to log in to Concur with your to submit your travel requests.

We can assist you with:

  • Processing reimbursements for out-of-pocket expenses
  • Processing direct payment of registration, airfare and hotel
  • Obtaining travel advances for the traveler
  • Providing information regarding UC and funding agencies' travel regulations and policies

Prior to travel, please contact ISBER so we can assist you with planning and advise you of documentation requirements, and specific travel policies we must adhere to.

Prior to Travel

Connexxus is a secure online booking tool that offers discounts and benefits that other popular travel web sites simply can't match. Used by the University of California, travelers take advantage of university-negotiated rates to save money on airfare, hotels and car rentals. So how can the travel program offer a better value than other travel sites? The answer is leverage. Since Connexxus handles the travel needs for the entire UC system, the program has tremendous buying power.

Airfare can be booked and paid for directly using Connexxus. Booking travel through Connexxus means that the traveler will not be out-of-pocket for airline expenses, as well as being directly enrolled in UC Travel Insurance which is required for any travel outside of the state of California. Connexxus can be found here:

Airbnb for UC Travel Guide

Business Travel Accident Insurance is required for out of state and overseas travel. If your travel is not booked through Connexxus, you MUST visit the following website and fill out the UC Away Business Travel form to receive full benefits of the University Business Travel Accident Insurance:

Completed Travel

If you are a UCSB employee or contingent worker (have an active position in UCPath), please log in to Concur to submit your request. *Step-by-Step Guides Pending*

If you are not curently employed or a Contingent Worker in UCPath at UCSB, you will need to work with your Contract & Grant Administrator and ISBER Financial/Admin Assistant team to process your request. Please be prepared to complete a Travel Voucher Worksheet and submit all receipts and documentation to go along with your request. 

Original receipts must be submitted for airfare, rental car, and lodging; And any reimbursable item costing $75 or more.

Please see Travel Documentation section for further details.

It is the traveler’s responsibility to submit complete information and receipts in a timely manner, and to respond quickly to all requests.