Payments for Services

Anytime you are considering a service from an individual or vendor please consult with your Contract and Grant Administrator BEFORE any services are rendered. They will guide you in the process of determining which route you will need to take; Flexcard or GateWay, and whether or not a contract is necessary.

A GateWay Purchase Order is required for any purchase of goods or services that cannot be purchased on a campus Flexcard. A quote is needed to obtain the Purchase Order.  Generally speaking, all services can be submitted on a Purchase Order without the need of a signed contract.

Below are examples of services you do NOT need a Contract for:

  • Translation
  • Transcription
  • Editing Services
  • Interpreting Services
  • Note-Taking
  • Data Entry
  • Website updating/simple creation
  • Honoraria: Speakers and Lecturers do not require a contract IF being paid in full by an Honoraria. See UCOP Honorarium Policy for details
  • If you are proceeding with an Honoraria please fill out the form below and send to your Contract and Grant Administrator

Request for Contract

Contracts can either be supplied by the vendor or provided by UCSB Procurement. Because the University of California is a co-equal branch of the Government, many provisions in vendor contracts have to be altered to comply with State Law and can take many weeks to negotiate. Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks lead time.

To request a contract, complete a Contract Request Form and submit it, along with the vendor quote/proposal, to your Contract and Grant Administrator for further processing.

Below are examples of services you may need a contract for:

  • Analysis
  • Software License Agreement (requiring configurations, customizations, installation)
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Personal Services Agreement
  • Independent Consultant Agreement
  • Filming
  • Hotel-Restaurant Group Reservation/Event Agreement
  • Banquet Agreement

REMEMBER THAT ANYTIME YOU RECEIVE A CONTRACT FROM A VENDOR OR INDIVIDUAL YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO SIGN. Agreements/contracts with the campus may only be signed by those with specific delegated signature authorization to sign contracts. By signing an agreement in your own name, you can be held liable, not just for the contract amount, but also for any liabilities that may arise from the agreement. Department Chairs, directors, PI's, and business officers may not sign agreements or contracts on behalf of the University or the UC Regents, and if they do, the contracts are considered unenforceable by the University. A contract signed by anyone other than someone with Signature Authority is void because Implied Authority is inapplicable at the UC.


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