Travel Documentation

While traveling please remember to save all original receipts, keep a meal log, and keep careful track of your itinerary for submission to ISBER. In addition to providing original receipts, you will need to provide your arrival and departure dates & times, to/from each location visited throughout your travel period (personal time should be included, but make sure to note which days were business days, and which were personal).

Reimbursement and Clearing Advances

Travel Voucher Worksheet must be completed and submitted with an ORIGINAL signature. Accounting does not accept digital signatures.

Receipts must be:

  • Dated
  • In good condition. If it’s difficult to read a receipt, please initial somewhere on the receipt
  • Hand-written receipts must be signed by the recipient - If no signature, traveler must initial somewhere on receipt
  • If you don't have the original receipt, please print and complete the Declaration of Missing Evidence form and turn it in with your Travel Voucher Worksheet
  • Accompanied by a spreadsheet*
  • Numbered*

*When travel is longer than two weeks and/or includes multiple locations reconciling receipts becomes complex and can be very time consuming. To assist ISBER in expediting your reimbursement please create a spreadsheet of your receipts and submit it both in hard copy and electronic form. Click here for an example.

Spreadsheet needs to contain at least these 5 columns:

  1. Receipt number (Numbering should be sequential for all receipts – do not re-start numbering for each location)
  2. Type of expense (preferably tied back to budget categories: lodging, food, airfare, etc.)
  3. Date of receipt
  4. Brief description
  5. Amount in USD

Depending on the complexity of travel, other columns to consider may include:

  1. Funding source to charge (if multiple grants will be used for a single trip, each expense must indicate to which grant it should be charged.)
  2. Type of Currency and currency conversion rate

NOTE: It is the traveler’s responsibility to review receipts, to ensure unallowable expenses are not included. Unallowable expenses include alcohol, personal hygiene items, cigarettes, clothing, or other items not on your budget. For additional clarification, please talk to your Contract & Grant Administrator before you depart.

Travel Advances from ISBER must submit the necessary receipts to clear out the advance within 7 days after the trip is completed. After 120 days, outstanding advances will be reported to the IRS and thus subject to taxes. Uncleared travel advances will also be charged to the grant they are associated with. It is the traveler's responsibility to clear out advances in a timely manner. Travelers are only allowed ONE travel advance per trip, so please plan accordingly.