Student Employment

Please be sure to contact the ISBER Student Payroll/Personnel Assistant before you begin work. It is imperative to have completed all hiring and employment eligibilty documentation in UCPath by the time you begin your employment.

Graduate Students

Graduate student employees are limited to 50% time during the academic terms. During the summer or inter-quarter term period (breaks), a graduate student employee can work up to 100%. An exception may be granted by the graduate student's home department chair or Graduate Faculty Advisor for a graduate student to exceed the 50% appointment limit up to 75% during the academic terms. Prior to hiring a graduate student you need to request approval from the home deparment chair or Graduate Faculty Advisor.

The Principal Investigator will need to complete an ISBER Student Employment Request Form at least 6-8 weeks prior to the desired start date for GSR appointments, and 3-4 weeks for Student Assistant (non-GSR) appointments

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students should be hired in the Student Assistant title. In this title, you may hire an undergraduate with an hourly rate at or above the California minimum wage, which is currently $16.00 an hour. Titles such as Lab Assistant & Staff Research Associate are restricted to specific hourly rates, require a formal job description, and are represented by union contracts. Please contact ISBER Student Personnel directly for specifics.

The Principal Investigator will need to complete an ISBER Student Employment Request Form at least 3-4 weeks prior to the desired start date.  UCSB Undergraduate students will be hired in the Student Assistant I (Title Code 4922).

Student Assistant (4922): $16.00 - $40.00/hr

*The salary range maximum for students employed in the above mentioned title will be capped at $40/hour to align our student salary ranges similar to those at other UC locations.

Sharing Employment with Other Department(s)

Undergraduate students are responsible for notifying ISBER Student Personnel of additional appointments (jobs) they hold with another University department, or an outside agency paid from University funds. Generally it is recommended that undergraduate student employees work a maximum of 50% in combined appointments. When an undergraduate student employee works in more than one department or unit on campus, all hours worked in all appointments are lumped together and count towards the 50% time limit.

Student Personnel Data Form

This Student Personnel Data form should be completed by the proposed student hire once the PI has submitted ISBER Student Employment Request Form.

Personnel Data Form (Docusign)

Personnel Data Form