Staff Employment

Career Employment

Career Staff positions require open recruitments coordinated with UCSB Human Resources (HR).

As soon as you have staffing plans or concerns, be sure to discuss them with ISBER's Personnel/Payroll Manager, Celina Keefer. Celina will be your liaison with the various units of HR (Employment, Classification/Compensation, Benefits, Labor Relations). Also, open recruitments take several months, so planning ahead is imperative.

Limited (aka "Casual") Employment

It is possible to fill some of your short-term staffing needs with Limited Staff appointments - provided your budget and granting agency allow for this type of employment. These are also "governed" by HR policies & procedures with certain restrictions. Titles such as Lab Assistant & Staff Research Associate are restricted to specific hourly rates, require a formal job description and are represented by union contracts. There also may be benefit eligibility issues, so be sure to consult with ISBER Personnel.

Staff Employment Forms

Personnel Data Form (PDF)

Personel Data Form (Docusign)

Personnel Data Form

Employment Request Form (PDF)

Employment Request Form (Docusign)