Secure Compute Research Environment

What is the Secure Compute Research Environment?

The Secure Compute Research Environment (SCRE) is a secure, virtual environment in which researchers can store and analyze data that requires a secure data-use agreement. It is developed and maintained by Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) in collaboration with ISBER and the Department of Economics.

The SCRE was designed to meet the needs of researchers who work with data from public agencies or private-sector companies that only permit access to that data after a secure data-use agreement has been approved by both the University and the data provider. The technical specifications of the SCRE meet, or exceed the requirements of potential data providers.

Why use the SCRE?

Ease – Because the SCRE leverages virtualization technology, a pre-configured Windows system with a number of software packages can be quickly allocated. In addition, it can be remotely accessed from any HTML 5 compatible device, including most smart phones, tablets, and laptops. This allows you to check-in on running tasks or computational statuses from anywhere with an internet connection.

Security – It has been developed to allow software and system updates while maintaining security through multiple levels of access control and authentication. The encrypted VPN access allows you to perform research over a secure connection regardless of your geographic location; major system events such as login and file transfers are logged for security auditing.

Cost – Time, space, and dollars. The SCRE minimizes the security and implementation burden for researchers and administrative staff that who otherwise need to develop their own security plan, budget for a computer and any necessary software licenses, as well as finding suitable office space to house the system.

Who can use SCRE?

Any UCSB faculty, researcher, or graduate student who has access to sensitive datasets that requires specific security measures to protect it. At a minimum, the data granting agency should require the system not connected to the internet and/or locked in a uniquely keyed room.

How to start using the SCRE?

More detailed information about the Secure Compute Research Environment can be found on the ETS Services page.

To request access to the SCRE, please fill out the request form.