Sponsoring a Visiting Scholar/Affiliate

The Institute for Social, Behavioral and Economic Research (ISBER) affirms the following general policies concerning Center visitors:
  1. Visitors can enrich the life of Center’s and further the missions of research, intellectual exchange, and pedagogy. Visitors are expected to engage in collaborative research and/or other creative activities with members of the Center and with Faculty in related departments.

  2. Prior to being officially invited, Center Directors must prepare, submit and receive approval from the ISBER Director via the online Visitor Request Form. Please do not send a formal letter of invitation to the prospective visitor until approval from the ISBER Director has been received.  Please include the proposed visitor’s CV, abstract, and a list of collaborators. Faculty Sponsors and/or Center Directors must be in residence for the duration of the proposed visit.

  3. Once approved, if the visitor is international, and here for more than 8 days, the ISBER Personnel Manager will, in coordination with the campus Office for International Students and Scholars, assist with the initiation of the visa application process. OISS requires that visa request documentation be uploaded into the new International Scholar Dossier (ISD) with a minimum of 3 months in advance of the visit . ISBER recommends that requests to host visitors in a Center be made 5‐6 months in advance of the proposed visit.  If the international visitor will be here for less than 8 days and are not conducting research, then their tourist visa should be sufficient (please contact ISBER Personel Manager for further reference). Additional assistance will be provided for visitors to establish a UCSB Net ID, email account and library services.

  4. Faculty Sponsors will provide all other logisitcal services not covered by #3 including housing, transportation, etc.

  5. ISBER visitor practices must be consistent with UC and UCSB policies (see, and[3_25]%20Without%20Salary%20Visitors.pdf).