Transportation Information

Travel Via Plane

Airfare can be booked and paid for directly using Connexxus.  Booking travel through Connexxus means that the traveler will not be out-of-pocket for airline expenses, as well as being directly enrolled in UC Travel Insurance which is required for any travel outside of the state of California.  Connexxus can be found here:

International flights on federally-funded grants must be booked in compliance with the Fly America Act.  If you have a federally funded grant and are traveling internationally, you must use a U.S. Flag Air Carrier or flight booked on a U.S. Code Share agreement to be eligible for reimbursement of airfare.  This applies to PI’s, students, consultants and collaborators on the grant.  Common travel websites such as Travelocity, Expedia, Kayak etc search for the cheapest fares, not necessarily U.S. Flag Carrier flights.   Even if a flight is cheaper or more personally convenient you must comply with the Fly America Act.

A Code Share flight is one where the traveler purchases a ticket from a U.S. carrier flight but then travels via another airline’s aircraft.  For example, travel to Germany using British Airways (BA) would be allowable if the travel was booked using American Airlines (AA) but the actual flight was through British Airways.

Allowable: AA 1234 operated by BA  5678

Unallowable: BA 5678 operated by AA 1234



Codes for U.S. Flag Carriers can be found here:

There are some specific exceptions to the Fly America Act.  Exceptions can be found here:

Please contact your C & G Mgr to discuss your travel scenario if you feel that you qualify for an exception to policy before booking your flight.

A limited exception is the Open Skies Agreement.  This applies to countries in the European Union, Australia and Switzerland.  A foreign airline can be used rather than a U.S. Flag Carrier except when a GSA City Pair exists or the travel will be charged to a Department of Defense grant.  GSA City pairs can be found here  If there is a flight available in the GSA City Pair system, a U.S. Flag Carrier must be used unless one of the other exceptions to the Fly America Act apply.

Fly America FAQS

-The travel involves multiple stops in different foreign locations.  Parts of the flight use U.S. Flag Carriers and others use Non-U.S. Flag Carriers.  Are the portions using U.S. Flag Carriers eligible for reimbursement?

If the flight was booked using a code share then most likely yes.

-A PI traveled to Munich for a conference.  From there the PI traveled to Paris to attend an additional meeting.  The flight between Munich and Paris was booked through British Airways.  Is this reimbursable?

No.  U.S. carriers need to be used if possible, even if the flights are between two foreign locations.


Travel Via Automobile

Car Rentals

Car rentals need to be booked through Connexxus, which can be found here  UC has agreements with the major car rental companies that provide special rates and include liability insurance coverage.  Rentals made outside of Connexxus do not include liability insurance coverage and purchase of any insurance is not reimbursable. 

Note: Foreign travel has different rules.  Always contact your C & G Mgr before departing on a foreign trip.


Reimbursement of approximately $0.5/mile is allowed when a personal vehicle is used in preference to a UC vehicle.  This rate is subject to change.  All personal vehicles must have liability insurance in order for mileage to be reimbursed. UC Policy mandates that the cheapest method of travel be used.

University Vehicles

Various types of vehicles, including sedans, suburban, pickup trucks and vans, are available to rent via an on-campus recahrge through Transportation Services. Reservations are made by calling x2924. ISBER must be notified to authorize the charge to your grant, and vehicles will not be released until this has been completed.

Charges include a basic daily or monthly rate, plus a mileage cost. These rates vary according to the vehicle used. Rate information may be obtained from ISBER or Transportation Services directly.


Taxis vs. Public Transportation

Public transpotation such as buses, subway and shuttles should be used as much as possible rather than taxis.  Taxis should only be used in situations where it would be impractical to use public transportation, or it is unavailable.