Meals and Lodging

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  • Travelers are asked to report actual, out-of-pocket expenses and may be reimbursed up to the $62/day limit. Meals and incidental expenses for travel less than 24 hours in duration cannot be reimbursed.
  • Expenses above the $62/day allowance will not be reimbursed, and partial days will be reimbursed for the amount claimed by the traveler up to the maximum allowance.
  • Please note that while you are not required to have original receipts for food, you must fill out the Meal Log to breakdown your expenses. The $62/day limit is not a "per diem" and you cannot simply claim the full amount without specifying how much was spent on each meal.
  • If you are a group leader (paying for other's expenses), you must submit original itemized receipts for all meal costs incurred.
  • Per UC Policy, we cannot reimburse for any alcohol purchased, and it is the traveler's responsibility to exclude these costs from the total reimbursement requested.


  • Itemized receipts are always required, and should show a $0 balance due.
  • Per UC Policy, hotel rates will be capped at $275 per night for trips within the lower 48 states, before taxes and other hotel fees. If your hotel is in a higher cost city and you are unable to secure a room at or below $275, you must submit written justification as to why a rate under the cap could not be obtained and provide screen shots of price comparisions within the proximity of the meeting location. Please note it is critical that the price comparison be perforned during the time of booking not after.
  • When a traveler lodges with a friend or relative while on official UC business, the cost of the gift to the host/hostess may be reimbursed up to $75 in lieu of lodging. Receipt required.

Foreign Travel

  • Reimbursement is based on State Department rates, which vary by location and are obtained by calling your Contract & Grant Administrator. Rates can also be obtained directly at the following address:
  • Per diem for meals may be claimed for foreign travel without receipts.
  • Lodging costs must be substantiated with original receipts.
  • Actual expenses may be reimbursed with original receipts, up to a maximum of 150% of the per diem rate.