Travel Checklist

Out-of-State or Overseas Travel

  • For any travel out-of-state or overseas, all employees and students traveling on University business are required to register their travel plans prior to their departure. This can be done at, on the form “Business Travel Insurance” found on the website. 
  • Upon registering for the insurance, the traveler will receive a Confirmation of Coverage card. The Card should be carried by the traveler until s/he returns from the trip. Upon registration, the traveler will also receive a list of telephone numbers for medical emergency care or travel assistance.
  • If you have any questions about the travel insurance, you may contact Risk Management office at 893-2860 directly.Explanation of what this insurance covers in detail can be found on the website.


  • Visit our Travel Agencies to see which ones are used frequently by other travelers.
  • Travelers can also make airfare reservations through online companies such as Expedia, Travelocity etc. It is extremely important that travelers do not make package deals for airfare and hotel. Package deals do not usually provide an itemized hotel receipt which is required by Travel Accounting.
  • Travelers using funds provided by the federal government must comply with the Fly America Act.
  • Please keep all boarding passes and turn them in with receipts.


  • ISBER can provide a direct deposit for a hotel in the form of a travel advance, but all other arrangements must be made by the traveler (i.e. room reservations). Once you have paid a deposit for a room, bring your receipt to ISBER and we can reimburse you in the form of an advance.
  • Please call your ISBER Contract & Grant Administrator for per foreign diem rates for hotels.
  • Note : It is very important that you get an itemized receipt for your hotel expenses. A credit card carbon copy is not accepted by Travel Accounting.


  • Do not accept any kind of liability insurance when renting a car, it is covered in the contract that UC has with the rental companies. Make sure to identify yourself as a UC employee to get the special rates.  Car rentals must be made through Connexxus in order to get liability insurance coverage.  Purchase of additional liability insurance cannot be reimbursed.
  • Mileage reimbursement rate is approximately $0.5/mile.  This rate is subject to change and will be reimbursed at the corresponding rate.  Travelers can claim either mileage or gas, not both.
  • Use public transportation and shuttles wherever possible, rather than taxis.
  • Visit our Transportation Information link for more details.


  • Per diem rates are explained in depth on our Per Diem Rates link. 
  • Meals and incidental expenses for travel less than 24 hours in duration CANNOT be reimbursed.
  • Travelers are asked to report actual, out-of-pocket expenses meal expenses. This needs to be completed on our Meal Log.
  • Per University Policy, employees cannot be reimbursed for any alcohol purchased.