Research Development

The following services are available to UCSB faculty who would like assistance with research project development, proposal writing, and funding opportunities.

Project Development and Proposal Writing Consultation

Barbara Walker, Director, Research Development, 893-3576

We can assist you in all stages of research development and proposal writing:

  • determine the best fit between your research idea and existing funding opportunities
  • interpret agency guidelines
  • provide advice on contacting program officers
  • review your proposal and provide suggestions for editing and revisions
  • provide sample text for standard proposal sections (e.g. resources and facilities, budget justification)
  • provide sample successful proposals (when available)
  • serve as liaison with Development Office for foundation grant opportunities
  • identify potential collaborators from UCSB and other institutions
  • form and facilitate multi-investigator research teams and meetings
  • coordinate proposal writing among multiple investigators, departments and institutions

Budget Development and Analysis

Paula Ryan, Proposal Submissions Coordinator, 893-8129

Paula Ryan should be consulted early on in reseach project development, to assist with:

  • budget preparation on all grants submitted through ISBER
  • coordinating proposal budgeting and sub-contracts among multiple investigators, departments and institutions

Proposal Submission

  • Deadlines: extramural proposals are submitted on behalf of the UC Regents, and therefore all proposals are subject to review by Office of Research AT LEAST SEVEN (7) DAYS prior to agency deadline. Please discuss your intent to submit early on in the process with ISBER staff.
  • Document preparation: ISBER staff will assist in the preparation of budget documents (forms and spreadsheets), cover pages, and all required certifications.
  • Photocopying: ISBER will provide all necessary copies of the proposal (for the funding agency, subcontractors, investigators and other units on campus).
  • Submission: ISBER staff will submit proposals, either electronically (e.g., NSF's FastLane system and or by designated carrier, in time to reach the funding agency on time.
  • Human subjects: ISBER staff will advise you regarding how to submit required human subjects research forms to the Office of Research. On projects involving human subjects, no funds may be drawn on the award until a protocol for meeting human subjects’ needs have been approved by the campus Human Subjects Committee.

Award Administration

  • Once your grant is awarded, ISBER will administer your funds, provide monthly statements of award balances and expenditures, process personnel, purchasing, and travel paperwork