Purchasing Goods

If you need to purchase items related to your research, please contact ISBER as we have many resources available to assist.

  • Check with your Contracts & Grants Manager to confirm that planned purchases are in line with your budget, and comply with University of California policies and procedures (especially if the total expense, including tax & shipping, may exeed $2500.00).
  • Check with Brendy if you are making an electronics purchase (anything with a plug), as he can help iron out specifications and find you the best deal.
  • Send the link/order information and fund source to your C & G Mgr, who can coordinate the purchase.

Please make sure to indicate where goods should be shipped and if rush shipping should be used. If not explicitly stated otherwise, all packages will be shipped to ISBER for pick-up.

Please remember that if you purchase items on your own, without contacting your Contracts & Grants manager, you may risk incurring non-reimburseable expenses.