Long-term Travel Guidelines

ISBER researchers that will be traveling on UC business for 30+ days must abide by the following guidelines, so that we can ensure your reimbursement/advance reconciliation is processed quickly and accurately.

Please remember to save all original receipts while traveling, keep a meal log, and keep careful track of your itinerary for submission to ISBER. In addition to providing original receipts, you will need to provide your arrival and departure dates & times, to/from each location visited throughout your travel period (personal time should be included, but make sure to note which days were business days, and which were personal).

Receipts must be:

  1. Dated
  2. Numbered
  3. In good condition. If it’s difficult to read a receipt, please initial somewhere on the receipt and make a note of this on the spreadsheet.
  4. Accompanied by a spreadsheet
  5. Hand-written receipts must be signed by the recipient - If no signature, traveler must initial somewhere on receipt

Receipts that aren’t numbered or included on the spreadsheet will be returned to the traveler and will not be accepted until they are submitted in the proper format. NOTE: it is the traveler’s responsibility to review receipts, to ensure unallowable expenses are not included. Unallowable expenses include alcohol, personal hygiene expenses, cigarettes, clothing, or other items not on your budget. For additional clarification, please talk to your Contract & Grant Administrator before you depart.

When you return from traveling, please submit your original receipts to your ISBER C&G Administrator, along with a spreadsheet detailing all receipts (both in hard copy, and emailed electronically).

Spreadsheet needs to contain at least these 5 columns:

  1. Receipt number
  2. Date of receipt
  3. Amount
  4. Type of expense (preferably tied back to budget categories: lodging, food, services, etc.)
  5. Funding source to charge (if multiple grants will be used for a single trip, each expense must indicate to which grant it should be charged.)

The spreadsheet must be signed by the traveler (and PI, if the PI is not the traveler), and should include the following handwritten statement:

“I certify that I have reviewed the above receipts and that these expenses are appropriate and beneficial, and should be charged to the grant(s) indicated.”